About the Firm

We founded our firm based on one principle: trust.  There are lots of attorneys these days.  To set themselves apart, attorneys boast about their experience, skills, knowledge, connections, etc.  All of those traits are necessary to do a job, and we have them. But, to us, a client is not a job. 

Our clients are sons, daughters, fathers, husbands, mothers and wives – they are people who have been wronged and deserve justice.  To achieve the result you want, you need an attorney you can trustTrust that we will fight for you.  Trust that we will do what is necessary.  Trust that we will be honest.  Trust that we will get you justice.    

Consultations are free and we don’t get paid until you get paid. 

We also speak Spanish and Armenian and we have interpreters available for all other languages.

Meet the Team
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James and Arin side by side

We know what it takes.

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